Social Impact (Unapologetically Naija Fund)



I am excited to introduce the Unapologetically Naija Collection and the Unapologetically Naija Fund to support Nigerian Mental Health Organizations doing incredible work in my homeland. This is URGENT business. 

Live Without Apologies’ Unapologetically Naija Fund is HERE! Proceeds will support Nigerian-based organizations doing incredible work in the Mental Health field.

  • Funds will be distributed on an annual basis through a competitive application process.
  • The first funds will be awarded October 2022 (Depression and Mental Health Awareness Month)
  • Beginning June 1, 2022, 3% of All Live Without Apologies (LWA) merchandise purchased will benefit the Unapologetically Naija Fund. 

Why are we doing this?

As our Founder and Chief Unapologetic Coach, Abbey Johnson has stressed, LWA was never just about selling t-shirts. LWA is also a lifestyle, education and advocacy brand working hard to raise awareness and sound the alarm about the current “epidemic within a pandemic”—the mental health crisis globally! 

As a first-generation Nigerian-American, Abbey is deeply passionate about the mental health crisis in her homeland. This is URGENT business. Any support that you can provide is greatly appreciated. Let’s be love & light. We ALL have a little Naija in Us.


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